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Don’t Show Me the Money!

A cashless society was once the stuff of science fiction. It is hard to image when living in a world in which every wallet held banknotes and coins, but the movement towards a cashless society has begun and it is fast gaining pace. It might just be that before we know it, we’ll be living in a world of digital ...

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What Is An Unsecured Loan And How It Works

Unsecured Loan

A loan sanctioned or given only on the basis of the borrower’s financial position, creditworthiness, credit history, and personal reputation, without engaging any collateral is called an unsecured loan. Here borrower signs a promissory note but does not hypothecate any specific asset(s) as collateral security, and so this is also called a signature loan. Since the risk of the lender ...

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8 Phrases which Successful People never Say

To succeed as a businessman or at work, a person should start behave in the way similar to the way the most successful people act. Of course you may find something special that will work for you but if you are on the beginning of the route it is better to learn from others people experience. Of course some principles ...

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