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What Is The Benefit Of “Pound Cost Averaging”?

Many of you will no doubt be aware of the term “pound cost averaging” when it comes to savings and investments. However, for those that are not familiar with the term a brief explanation would be appropriate as it can form an important part of someone’s investment strategy. “Pound cost averaging” tends to be focused on saving money on a ...

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Gold Options

The stock exchange market is a wild field were one can make a lot of money. But the first thing that you should know when you come across Commodities, as opposed to stocks, currencies and indices, they derive their value from intrinsic properties rather than associated ones. That’s way the value of a penny or a cent often greatly exceeds ...

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Top 5 Financial Mistakes Young People Make

Living is not easy for young people who have just started their independent course of life. They want to get everything at the same time but can get nothing without making an effort. Moreover youngsters make first steps in building their future. It would be easier to achieve success if they would not make some financial mistakes which can importantly ...

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Saving Tips for Frugal Students

Money Saving Tips For Students

Student life is great. It is the time to have fun, explore the world and career options and learn so many things.  But one of the main concerns for many students is money. If you have taken out a student loan you know the burden it comes with. Saving becomes an important thing if you have loans and mounting debts. ...

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