The Most Important but Often Ignored Insurance Product: Food Insurance

We protect our health, our vehicles, our boats, our motorcycles, our homes, and even our jewelry with insurance in the event of a health issue, accident, or theft. When we think of insurance, we often think about these items – our valued material possessions, and our health, because of the high cost of healthcare. Even with all this insurance available, there is one that we often ignore, or maybe doesn’t even cross our minds, and that is emergency food storage as insurance.

Who would think that we have to get food insured? We may even take it for granted that food will always be available. We may know that an unexpected disaster, whether natural or man-caused, but make the mistake of “assuming” that water and food will be made available by someone. Well, in an emergency situation, the only one you can depend on is yourself. So, the way you ensure that your belongings are safe, you should invest in food insurance in order for you and your family’s survival.

Food insurance offers security

Basically, food insurance protects you in the event of a disaster. In a disaster, there is no guarantee that you will be able to find food or safe drinking water. Think of all the other people that will be doing the same. It may become almost impossible to find adequate food that is not intoxicated for you and your family.

Having emergency food storage as insurance, you can guarantee that your chances of survival during a disaster will increase. Remember, we can live without shelter, but we can’t live without water and food for very long. By investing early in food storage, you will be investing in your future.

Food insurance offers peace of mind

It can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to build a supply of food and water. When looking into practicing food insurance for your survival, it will give you and your family peace of mind. You will know that when and if a disaster strikes, you will be able to survive. The material things can always be replaced. A house can be rebuilt. A car can be fixed or replaced. Jewelry can be replaced. One thing that can’t be replaced is your life.

Food insurance made easy

There are many food insurance companies that offer easy plans for you to receive freeze-dried and pre-packaged food and water for survival. This is a convenient and wise investment – investing in yourself with food insurance. Emergency food storage as insurance is the protection you need more than anything.

You can start slow and build your food storage, either with survival food companies or cook and store your own food. It doesn’t matter what your plan is if you do a little each week, or every other week, you will soon have abundance in food and water storage with just a little effort. This little effort could save your life and your family’s life.

Food Insurance for Entrepreneurs

Food insurance is an imperative aspect for all food producers and entrepreneurs (like restaurant-chain owners) too. It is important to get your food products insured and protect the items that your consumers love and cherish. There are mainly two circumstances under which an entrepreneur or food producer may have to get in touch with food insurance companies-

  • In case of bad/spoilt ingredients used in your products during the production process
  • If you have forgotten to communicate any allergen statement or notification on your product, for example, some products contain wheat, soy, nuts, even if they have not been used in its production. Such allergy information must be clearly intimated on your product level to consumers.

Food insurance costs – Depending on the kind of insurance plan you need for your business/produce

Product liability ($1 million)

If your consumers have had a bad experience on or after using your product, the product liability claim insures you from complaints. For example, if anybody has suffered from food poisoning or found a piece of glass/metal in your product, the product liability claim will keep you covered.

General aggregate insurance ($2 million)

General aggregate insurance will cover you for things that are not related to a specific case. For example, property losses, accidental damages, and other injuries can be covered under the general aggregate food insurance cost.

Office insurance (optional)

Your office or production center can be saved with the optional office insurance plan. In order to save your produce, it is important to protect the hub at which the same is being produced. Therefore, if you have a huge office or a production center that is more valuable than your life, then an office insurance plan is the way for you.

Final words:

Be it for consumers or entrepreneurs, food insurance can work its magic during circumstances that are most surprising and unforeseen. Because we are talking about an essential commodity like food, it is important that we do everything that is within our limits to ensure its consistent supply and to fight off its shortage from our lives.

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