Save Money by Driving Green: Smartphone Apps That Help You Use Less Fuel

With fuel prices on the rise once again a number of smart phone developers have produced some clever apps to help you save money.

Primo Spot

Tired of driving around trying to find a decent parking spot?

Primo Spot can reduce the time you spend searching for a spot by actually showing you where the available spots are. By reducing your driving time, you are saving on gas and reducing your emissions and your vehicle’s negative impact on our environment. Released in 2007, Primo Spot is an application that uses Google maps to show you where to park. It uses colored markers to indicate available spots and the parking rules associated with them. The app also compares parking garage rates and indicates bike rack locations.

AA Eco Drive

This fun and handy application teaches you how you can adjust your driving habits in order to be more efficient and to reduce your car’s impact on the environment. Since it awards you for different skills and levels achieved, you’ll find yourself constantly motivated to improve and receive more awards. The application monitors your driving style and offers ways to reduce your fuel consumption, which in turn reduces your car’s emissions and the amount of money spent on gas. AA Eco Drive provides you with a performance rating at the end of each trip. Save and compare your scores to monitor your progress and feel good about the positive changes you’re making for your environment and your wallet.


DriveGain is another application that teaches you how to conserve fuel while driving. It provides audio and visual feedback and tips on how to drive more efficiently. At the end of each journey, you will receive a score out of 100 that tells you how economically you drove. You will also get a reading that indicates your fuel economy in miles per gallon. DriveGain is reported to save the average person around $210 each year on gas.


Arguably the most impressive green driving application available today is greenMeter. This application has been reported to have saved roughly two million gallons of gas, reduced fuel expenses by over five million dollars, kept about 47,000 tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, and dropped oil use by nearly 20,000 barrels, all within its first year of use in 2008. This is a very popular app used by people in over 60 countries throughout the world. The app assesses your vehicle’s power and fuel usage and also evaluates the way you drive. It, like some of the other apps we’ve mentioned, teaches you healthier driving habits so you can reduce the amount you spend on gas and also reduce your car’s harmful emissions.