Car Accident During Pandemic- How To Keep Your Compensation Safe

The world is going through a major crisis right now, with the COVID pandemic being in full swing. The last thing you would want to get involved in is a road accident. But despite lesser traffic on roads, mishaps can happen anytime and anywhere.  So you need to be well-aware of handling a car accident claim during this critical situation. If you happen to get injured, you have to do the best to keep your compensation safe with the right measures so that you get the settlement value you deserve. Here are some ones to take while filing a personal injury claim during the pandemic.

Maintain social distancing

Even as you do the basics after the accident, it is vital to maintain social distancing at all times. After all, you cannot get into a bigger fix by contracting the virus along with your injuries. Keep a safe distance as you interact with the other driver, policemen, and eyewitnesses. However, don’t miss out on vital pieces of information and evidence because they can make all the difference to the case. Jot down all the important details such as the registration number of the vehicle, contact details of the driver and eyewitnesses, weather and road conditions, the events that led to the accident, and any important facts.  Considering the stress of the situation, you may forget them, and having things in writing is good. Take pictures and ask the police for a copy of their report as well. But make sure that you are at least six feet away and have your mask on all the time.

Seek requisite medical attention

Seeking prompt medical care after the crash is mandatory, even in the pandemic. Still, a telemedicine appointment may be a better approach in the current scenario if the injuries are minor and do not require immediate treatment. However, you will have to get a complete check and proper treatment if there are major injuries. At this time, it is better to seek treatment from an independent practitioner because of the local healthcare system constraints. In any case, you shouldn’t delay medical evaluation if you want fair compensation for an injury, whether major or minor. Only a doctor can provide you the documentation that is essential for proving the claim. Further, they will prescribe the appropriate treatment, which can help in the calculation of claim value.

Be prepared for delays

Needleless to say, COVID-19 has impacted the entire aspects of life. Obviously, you can expect delays in the process of dealing with car accidents as well, right from your medical treatment to negotiations with insurance companies and legal lawsuit formalities if the case goes into court. Non-emergency treatment procedures, such as elective surgery and physical therapy are at a lower priority in the prevailing overwhelmed healthcare system. Similarly, the timelines for insurance claim processing and personal injury lawsuits are delayed as well. You may expect to be coerced by the insurance company to settle for a lower offer. But make sure that you don’t give in and fight for what you fairly deserve.

Having an experienced attorney handling your case is all the more important in the pressure situation right now. They can keep all the aspects covered and give you all the confidence you need to navigate the tough journey.

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