Affordable Moving Tips: Save Money When Moving House

Moving can be more than a physical pain the neck, it can be a pain in your wallet as well. After all, the cost to get your car transported, hire a moving company to help you pack up your stuff and get it to your new destination is rarely an inexpensive endeavor.

There is no simple way out that can be considered as the cheapest way to move locally. However, there are a few things you can take care if you are considering relocation soon. Right from selecting the right company to hiring the right set of movers, you have to consider more than just one or two factors if you are indeed looking for one of the cheapest ways to move locally.

Your move can only be made affordable considering the kind of choices that you make- in terms of services, experience, the distance to be covered, cost estimates, and such. This blog will help you out with a few basic affordable moving tips that can surely streamline your relocation in a smooth manner.

With that in mind, it is important to save money where possible, so that moving doesn’t break the bank and here are a few affordable moving tips to help you do just the same.

1. Hire a company well in advance

Like airline tickets, the closer you get to the moving date, the more expensive all related services are going to be. For instance, if you are planning to have your vehicle shipped to your new home ahead of the big move, if you book your services far enough in advance, you are more likely to be able to save some money over the increased costs of booking at the last minute. To choose reputable companies, you can refer to citation profile websites such as Yelp! or refer to organizations like Better Business Bureau (BBB) for local listings of moving companies around you.

2. Bundle your services

Where possible, bundle moving services like auto transport and moving company offerings. Oftentimes, if you purchase both sets of services, you are more likely to save a few bucks than you would if you were to book these services separate of one another. Ask the company in question if it offers any discounts on services for bundling; even if it isn’t advertised, they might be willing to work with you. is usually a good place to find bundled services.

3. Check for customer services

You need to check how efficient and useful their customer care services actually are. Right from calling the company for the first time till the time you make the final call for maybe a feedback or assistance and support, the customer care team of the company must be friendly and courteous, while have the adequate training and knowledge on how to deal with customer requirements and provide the best help and support.

4. Don’t take on extra costs

For instance, if you are willing to ship your vehicle open-air, then the cost is going to be lower than container shipping. If you know you can pack yourself, then you are going to save a ton of money hiring the company just to do the heavy lifting for you. If affordability is a factor, then don’t take on extra costs if they aren’t necessary. Do some of the work yourself or be flexible on your choice of services, and you might find that your wallet is the one thanking you in the end.

5. Look and shop around

The best way to make any moving-related service affordable is to shop around and make sure everyone knows it. If a company knows that you plan to get quotes for auto transport and general moving services from a slew of different organizations, they might be more apt to make you a deal and help save some money in the process. So be vocal about the fact that you getting quotes from various sources and then let the company’s competitive nature do the rest.

6. Storage facilities

If you wish to opt for value-added services apart from just moving your belongings, for example, packing and storing your belongings, ensure you enquire about the same from the company. There are a lot of companies that offer storage and packing facilities at extra but reasonable prices. Ensure that the company is certified and licensed for packing and storage facilities as then you will know whether you can actually trust them with your belongings and items.

7. Are you working with experts?

Your team’s experience is going to be the cheapest way to move locally. If the experience level of your movers is great, there are fewer chances of risks, damages, and accidents that you may suffer. Because you are looking to save time and money, checking the experience of your movers is certainly an affordable moving tip for you.

Final words:

Remember, moving is rarely an inexpensive endeavor, so you need to do everything in your power if you are looking out for affordable moving tips that can bring your costs down. From getting the costs down on auto transport to doing some of the work yourself, every penny counts. After all, there are generally more costs to be had upon arriving at the new location, so anything you do to save before you even leave the old one will go a long way towards an affordable move and greater financial stability when you get to wherever it is that you are going

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