How You Can Use Technology to Improve Your Car Insurance?

Advances in technology are making almost every aspect of our lives easier than they were before. You can do all your banking online, watch your favorite television shows anytime you want, and order groceries to be delivered right to your door. It might not be something you think about often, but technology can also change the way you approach your car insurance.
How You Can Use Technology to Improve Your Car Insurance
If you’re concerned about the amount you’re paying for your insurance coverage, new technology could be the key to unlocking a greater discount on your premium. Many insurers are now offering Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) plans, which ask drivers to install a telematics device to their vehicles to track their driving habits. These devices can record information about your acceleration, braking and distance driven, and then relay that data to your insurance provider so they can get a clear picture of your driving habits. In return, you could be eligible for a lower premium. Many companies offer a discount just for signing up for UBI, and up to 30 percent in savings when it’s time for renewal. In addition, studies have shown that UBI can change your driving habits for the better.
Of course, providing this type of information to a large company could raise some privacy concerns, so the Financial Services Commission of Ontario lays out the rules that protect drivers who sign up for UBI. Based on these guidelines, any information collected by your insurance company cannot be shared with a third party without your express consent. In addition, the information cannot be used to increase your premium, only to set a discount, review rating criteria, detect and prevent fraud, and manage claims. That being said, data from your telematics device could be used as evidence against you in a claim if it reveals that you were speeding or braking suddenly before an accident.
If you are concerned about making a claim to your insurance company, a dash cam is another way that you can use technology to your advantage. Dash cams can record yourjourney and events going on when your vehcile is parked. This means that your dash cam can provide footage of a car that hit you or catch the license plate of a vehicle unlawfully leaving the scene in the event that you need proof to submit a claim.Like UBI, dash cam footage only works in your favour if you do not have any fault in a collision. Otherwise, you’re dash cam could prove a case against you.
Each year before its time to renew your insurance, you should be comparing quotes between providers. A lot can change in year – both with premiums and your life situation – so the great deal you got last year might not be your best option anymore. Luckily, technology also makes it easy for you to compare car insurance quotes online. When you’re doing your research this year, consider how UBI could lower your premium, and ask your chosen insurer if having a dash cam would be beneficial in the claims processes.

When Should You Begin to Think About Insurance?

If you drive a car in the UK, you need to make sure it is insured – simple as that. You’ll be breaking the law if you don’t have the proper insurance, so if you are thinking about getting your first car after passing your test, make sure you are insured right from the start. Don’t assume you’ll be fine for a few days while you sort everything out. It is essential to get the proper insurance before you get behind the wheel for the first time.

Insurance tips

If you are just starting to look for your first car, it is a good idea to start looking for insurance at the same time. New drivers will typically pay the highest fees to insure their cars, and this usually makes it unaffordable to insure certain cars at all. This means if you are searching for your ideal first car to drive, you should look for it in tandem with searching for insurance policies. The last thing you want to do is to buy a car and then discover you cannot afford to insure it.

Indeed, even if you own a car that you aren’t currently driving, you will still need to get it insured unless you have what is called a Statutory Off Road Notification. This is known as a SORN, and the idea is that it covers vehicles that are kept in a garage or other location off road, and thus do not need to be insured. You must make the notification though – if you keep your vehicle off road and you don’t notify the authorities, you could receive a fine. Thus you should always make sure you go through the proper process. If you decide to get the car out and start driving again, it is time to get insurance.

Another example of a time when you need to think about insurance is if you already own a car and you are looking to do a lot of work on it. If you are going to radically change how the car looks you will be changing its value too. This could in turn have a knock on effect on your car insurance UK policy, so if you want to style your car you should look into the insurance possibilities prior to doing so.

As you can see it is always wise to consider all the angles when looking for the right insurance policy for your own vehicle.

How Can You Benefit By Buying Your Car Insurance From A Local Insurance Company?

If you drive a car in Illinois, you almost certainly know that you need to carry car insurance. What you might not know is where to find the most affordable car insurance. While one of your options when you are seeking to buy an auto insurance policy is to go to a nationally known insurance provider, it may not result in your getting the most affordable auto insurance.

Instead of going to a national insurance chain that has a home office a thousand miles away from where you live, your better choice might be to buy your car insurance from a small, local insurance company. Consider some of the benefits.

While all insurance companies rely on statistics to help determine the premium that they will charge you, a local insurance company is right there in your community. They understand the insurance needs of the community much better than any national insurance chain could ever understand.

Local insurance companies can tailor their business to meet the needs of the community. If you live in a county where the median family income is well below the state or national average, an  insurance company with local roots will be more likely to provide affordable car insurance than would a national insurance chain. You pay for national advertising and marketing in your premium.

On a national level, a big insurance company may be able to see that you live in a rural area of Illinois, but probably would not know that there are only two street lights in your town. They might not know that the community is very conservative and the vast majority of residents go to church and don’t go to bars. Knowing more about the people who need auto insurance can make it easier to assess risk and offer more affordable auto insurance.

Chances are that the president of a local insurance company and all of the employees are your neighbors and friends. They know if people are struggling and are likely to be more sympathetic to the community’s needs. The local insurance company may be willing to let you spread out your premium payments over the year, without jacking up the premium (or not giving you a discount) as almost every national insurance chain does.

When you use a small, local insurance company to buy car insurance, not only do you get affordable car insurance, but you also help by keeping the money you spend within your local community. A local insurance company, that has been part of the community for many years, can be trusted to treat you fairly. When you visit your local insurance company, you are sure to be greeted with a friendly hello and get the affordable auto insurance you want.

This article has been written by Steve Whiley, a blogger in the auto insurance industry and a writer for American Auto Insurance.

Great Ways to Help Reduce the Price of Car Insurance

Obtain a number of Quotes

This is one way on How to reduce the price of car insurance. Make an application for as many quotes as your own time will enable. Lots of people consider three as a amount, however it is legitimate that the more you get the simpler it’s in getting as much as seven, and spotting the top bargains will give the top possibility to you of locating the least expensive quote. If every one of the extras are considered don’t forget to compare all quotes on a like – for – like basis however, as even the costliest one might seem drastically cheaper. You could find one insurance policy is sold with break-down cover as conventional, while yet another it may possibly need to be purchased separately, and by paying additional it might make the cheaper insurance about the same as the higher priced one.

Car Security Devices

Any additional security measures you take to discourage thieves from stealing your vehicle will further reduce the dangers you introduce to the insurance carrier.

For example, only by installing a Thatcham approved alarm can frequently help you save as much as 10% in your vehicle insurance. You’ll generally be expected to keep these things fitted by professionals though, as DIY fitted devices mightn’t be often taken by insurance companies into consideration, even when they do occur to be Thatcham approved. Steering locks and immobilisers also play a critical part in deterring the auto thief, thus with these you might be also decreasing the complete threat that you simply introduce to the insurance carrier. Get Auto Insurance Quotes Every Year

It’s generally worth getting estimates from some other businesses before you renew even though you are pleased with your present insurance provider. Quite often auto insurance providers offer to be able to increase custom enticing deals to new clients, and by getting a few new estimates it is possible to often look for a much better deal. It’s better to remember that an individual insurance company can-not be the least expensive alternative for everyone all of the time, and this years bargain last years overpriced insurance company could be. Auto insurance quotes are constantly changing, specified time your conditions will even change, therefore the absolute most dependable means of locating a better offer is by claiming a reach of new quotes.

Option of Auto

Pick your vehicle sensibly. In case you are looking to reduce car insurance prices bear in mind that the model of worth, the engine size, its age and car are used in calculating insurance quotes. If you need to keep insurance costs todown cars with no alterations and little engines, which also have readily accessible and affordable spare parts are really an ideal option. But also think about the auto’s insurance group evaluation too. All vehicles in Britain are assigned a group evaluation number between 1 and 20, and by selecting a auto with a lesser number will significantly lessen the total price of your auto insurance.

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