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Financial Toolkit- Student Loan Repayment Worksheet

Student Loan

We all know the financial goal is an intention we plan to save or plan our expenditure. The only way it differs from any other goal is that it is expressed completely based upon money. It varies from person to person for instances retirement planning, debt reduction, credit improvement etc. Writing your financial goals is essential. Written goals bring transparency ...

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Top 7 Myths About Comprehensive Car Insurance

car insurance

For some, insurance is an unfamiliar concept. Thus, it is natural for them to have doubts. What adds to these doubts are the myths that are associated with insurance policies. These myths are fueled by hearsay and add to the existing confusion. The following are top 7 myths that are associated with Comprehensive Car Insurance. Let’s have a look at ...

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How to Switch Your Gas and Power Tariffs in the US

Switching your gas and electricity tariff can be an alien concept for people all over the world, especially if you have been used to having just one energy company in your area until recently. This is especially true in the United States, where up until recently all states across the nation had been regulated by just one local energy company. ...

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