QR codes: How to Best Use Them in Small Business Marketing

Do you own a small business and you want to advertise it? Our friends over at findmyworkspace share some useful strategies to help you maximize the use of QR codes.
You might have noticed how some companies nowadays are making use of mobile-scannable QR Codes to offer discounts or promote a marketing gimmick in a given period. These QR Codes look similar to barcodes that are imprinted in most grocery items, though they look more like a dried out ink maze-like imprint rather than a series of lines with numbers above them.
In a sense, QR Codes and barcodes are quite the same because both are means to track a product unit, but the two however differ in the capacity of information they can contain. Barcodes get to have 20 digits, while QR Codes can hold a string of alphanumeric characters.
Small Business Marketing
A QR Code functions like a scannable link towards either your official website, Social Media pages, landing pages, or activate an automated email or SMS for the customer. This is where businesses can include promos and other special offers.

Why use QR Codes?

QR Codes are useful when it comes to promotions and customer engagement efforts for any business – even for small to medium-sized ones.
First, they are more convenient for customers to use as these are simply scanned, and their mobile phones could do the rest. In a way, customers can easily get their discounts even without filling up any sort of form.
Second, they can be easily placed anywhere – from printed materials, to your office desks, counters, and other things that are accessible to your customers. And the best part about them is that, they are highly mobile.

How Do I Get QR Codes?

The good thing here is, you can get QR Codes for your business without additional cost – yes they’re free! So this works to the advantage for small to medium-sized entrepreneurs, because there is no need to shell out additional expenses just to generate a unique one for the company.
The most trusted QR Code generators are Kaywa, iCandy, and StickyBits. Each has different specialties, Kaywa for example is the easiest way to generate a QR Code that could be linked to a certain web page, or SMS. iCandy on the other hand could do the same, but it has more complicated tools for analytics. StickyBits are also useful in a sense that you can easily create and print out stickers containing your QR Codes.
In addition, your customers also need a mobile app in able to scan QR Codes. There are several free providers from the Google Play Store for Android phones, and Apple iStore for iPhone users.

Best Practices for Using QR Codes

Although it is easy and free to get QR Codes, business owners like you should know how and where to place them strategically. As mentioned earlier, they can be placed in things that are accessible to your customers. This also includes:
a.) Business cards – many professionals put QR Codes in their business cards that link towards their online resume, professional website, and the like. You can also do this for your business too! You can link your QR Code to your official website, or Social Media pages so your customers can easily connect with you then.
b.) Promotional flyers, handouts and the like – this is great especially if you are offering a special discount or limited promos. While the flyers and brochures you hand out contain all the necessary information, your attached QR Code will make it easy for your customers to avail of said promo.
c.) Product packaging – attaching your QR Code to your product package feels like a more natural or organic way of marketing compared to handing them out through flyers. It is of course non-intrusive, and it is a way to improve customer retention especially if your QR Codes are attached to a promo or discount.
The most important rule to remember is to place your QR Codes in stuff that are easily accessed by your customers. Moreover, make sure you link your code to the exact page or message that you want them to see – in other words, make sure your QR Codes will provide value for them.
The reality however is that, there are still a number of people who are not accustomed to QR Codes. So while this is a great way to offer your customers something, you may also need to resort to other ways to reach out to those who are not very digitally-inclined.
Gemma Reeves is a seasoned writer who enjoys creating helpful articles and interesting stories. She has worked with several clients across different industries such as advertising, online marketing, technology, healthcare, family matters, and more. She is also an aspiring entrepreneur who is engaged in assisting other aspiring entrepreneurs in finding the best office space for their business. Check out her company here: FindMyWorkspace

The Art of Illusion: Making Small Spaces Look Bigger

When young, all of us dream of being princesses or warriors living in big castles we called home with tens of servants around us, luxurious furniture to sit on and the best of delicacies to enjoy. But sadly, for the majority of us, this only remained a dream. Most of us have lived in medium-sized homes, stuffed all our suitcases in a dorm room when moving to college, gotten ourselves the cheapest of apartments to rent and now finally, are moving into another small space after marriage.
Making Small Spaces Look Bigger
If there was one thing that remained constant were the small spaces in which we spent half of our lives. Even today, thanks to the soaring prices of homes and apartments in Australia, many of us are confined into small spaces with bedrooms that barely fit the bed, a TV lounge we call our dining area and home office, and bathrooms not big enough to fit a bath tub.
But despite all that, aren’t we all happy? Because we understand that it isn’t the small spaces that matter, it is the people who dwell in it.
If you have recently found yourself feeling a little ashamed to call your work colleagues to your new home because you think they might find it small, you can either get advice from property stylists or follow some of these styling tips that might come in handy.
Using these hacks, you can easily make any space appear bigger–guaranteed!

  1. Wallpaper the ceiling: Doing so will draw attention upwards and make a room feel bigger.
  2. Get the flooring right: Going with different flooring styles can make bigger spaces look smaller. Since that isn’t the goal here, choose a single type of flooring as it creates the illusion of an uninterrupted flow. This makes the room look part of a bigger space. When choosing tiles, choose one with fewer grout lines and a large format design as it makes the floor look like you invested some solid money into it.
  3. Put in stylish pieces: Take up any interior design magazine and look up any latest furniture styles and you will see that it is the statement pieces that reign. Think about it, instead of putting separate couches, going with one will leave you more space to add other stuff.
  4. Stay low on the paint: By that we mean to keep walls single coloured by picking lighter shades that don’t trap light. Going with a darker paint will only make the room feel cosier and you will also have to invest hugely in the lighting.
  5. Don’t push the future to the wall: Even though the opposite makes more sense as you get more space in the centre, many home stylists suggest to keep at least a few inches of distance between the walls and your large furniture pieces to make the room feel bigger.
  6. When carpeting, go for striped rugs: No need to carpet the whole house when you can simply lay a few rugs here and there to make the space appear more airy than compact. When choosing rugs, go for a striped rug as they make spaces appear longer.
  7. Cover your windows with stylish indoor plants: You can always hang them from the window top or let them sit comfortably in the window sill. Not only do they make spaces look fresher and tidy, they also help create the illusion of a larger room.
  8. Remove some doors: Unless you are worried about privacy invasion, removing a few doors that separate two smaller rooms can also make your house look bigger.

Doing Investments The Right Way

Want to increase your wealth? If yes then there are a number of ways for you to do that. An effective and convenient way of increasing wealth is making investments.
What is an investment? An asset or item purchased with hopes that it’ll generate income or profit in the future is referred to as an investment. If you’re looking for investments then a good choice would be real estate investments. The main aspect of real estate investment is the money transaction. An investor needs money regardless of the source.
When investing in real estate, even high net worth individuals and big corporations have financing needs because of the enormity of the amounts involved. Nearly all investment property is obtained through bank finance or from dedicated financial institutions specializing in real estate.
If you’re interested in real estate investment then a good tip would be working without an agent. You can save on agent fees by selling yourself. Moreover, real estate, apart from being highly capital intensive, is an asset, which is relatively less liquid than other forms of investment and dependent on cash flows.
As an investor, you need to understand this properly and manage finances accordingly. Negligence in this regard makes investing in real estate a risky proposition. The primary cause of failure of real estate investment is a negative cash flow for unsustainable periods. Sometimes a negative cash flow occurs simply because an investor did not take into account the fact that it is not always possible to find buyers or tenants.
Other reasons include misjudging estimates and inability to understand the term and conditions set by the lender. In case you find real estate investing ‘too’ risky, you can try investing in gold.
On the other hand, if you‘re interested in pursuing real estate investing then make sure that you have a good credit history. As mentioned earlier, nearly all investment property is obtained through financing. Regardless of the fact that the loan is secured against property, a home loan provider does not want to lend to people with bad credit history.
You must have impeccable credit if you are applying for any type of loan and that includes property loans. Although there are institutions that lend to people with bad credit wanting to buy single-family homes, they would be wary of doing that to people or companies investing in real estate. To better understand this, learning about property investment is essential.
Whether you invest in gold or real estate, investments can help you to get rich. However, to profit from an investment, you must do it right. Using the aforementioned information, you can make investments appropriately and gain profits. Doing investments the right way is the key to becoming rich!