What Are The Different Types of Mergers And Acquisitions?

Mergers and acquisitions are the two common words used in the business and financing world. In this article, we will discuss mergers and acquisitions and how it can affect your business. What is a merger? A merger takes place if two companies decided to join each other for a more profitable business. This simply means that the two companies decided to surrender their own stocks and begin with a new stock as a one company. On the other hand, acquisition pertains to the buying of larger company to a relatively smaller company or those companies that are struggling financially. To save the company from bankruptcy, a large company will acquire the stocks of the struggling company.

If you are going to take a look at the situation, acquisition is not always the best for it benefits only the other party. Although acquisition is agreed by the both parties involved, still there are other hostile choices to consider and that acquisition should only be the last resort. There are instances wherein other available choices are way better than the acquisition.

Let us take a look at mergers

There are various types of mergers and so if you are thinking of merging your company, you should be familiar with the different types of mergers. Merger is actually divided into two major categories known as consolidation merger and purchase merger.

Below are some of the common types of merger

Horizontal merger

This type of merger takes place between two companies with the same level of merger. In other words, the companies sell the same products and they both have the same target market.

Vertical merger

This type of merging refers to the merging of two companies with different product lines. Basically, vertical merging takes place between a manufacturer and a retailer.

Conglomeration merger

This is where two companies with different businesses merge together to achieve a common goal.

Market-extension Merger

This pertains to two companies that offer the same products, but target different markets.

Product-extension Merger

This type of merging refers to two companies that targets the same market, but offers different products.

Key points

Choosing between merger and acquisition is indeed a very serious decision that requires in depth knowledge. Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish which one to choose. It is a proven fact that big companies prefer to acquire smaller companies rather than merge. However, there are also big companies willing to merge to smaller companies. It actually depends on the deals made by both parties involved. If you are a business owner or a stockholder, you will actually perceive merger and acquisition a big step in expanding your business. With mergers and acquisitions, you will be able to abolish your competitors on the market. However, for the merger and acquisition to be successful you should carry out the process correctly.

Always remember that a good merger and acquisition can make your business even more productive. On the other hand, bad merger and acquisition may work the other way around. If you are going to take a look at the entire process, you will notice that merger and acquisitions are complex and risky process. It has a huge impact on the productivity, shareholder, and business reputation. It is essentially important to use smart strategies when it comes to merger and acquisition because the future of your business is at stake.

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Get Financial Relief with Car Title Loans In Orange County

Sometimes you may find yourself short on cash, or facing a financial emergency. Car title loans in Orange County can be a source of relief for you. Just be aware of some precautions and understand exactly what is involved so you can make a wise decision about it.

Pros Of Getting Car Title Loans In Orange County

There are some pros to getting car title loans in Orange County. One of these is the ease with which one can get the loan. There is no credit check, and the application is normally very straightforward and simple. It is easy and quick. You will have your money within minutes.

Another pro is the fact that larger amounts of money can be obtained with a car title loan than with other types of personal consumer loans. This is important if you need a larger amount of funds for a particular purpose. You can get enough to take care of the financial emergency all in one place, with one loan.

Cons of Getting Car Title Loans In Orange County 

The major con for this type of loan is the fact that if you are not able to repay according to terms you stand to lose your vehicle. This especially a danger if you tend to mismanage your money, or miscalculate how much you can afford. You will have to give up the title to your car a collateral, and will lose your car if you default.

Another con is the high interest rate. It is a higher rate than some other types of consumer loans. The fact that just about anyone can get such a loan means there is a greater risk factor for the lender, thus the higher interest rate.


There are a few precautions to be aware of before considering this loan. One is about the company. Be sure it is legitimate and follows regulations. Make sure the proper licenses, etc., are in place.

Another precaution is to be sure you are going to be able to repay the loan according to plan. Know that things can happen, such as a cut in hours, or the loss of a job, or an unexpected illness. Consider all the many things that could happen. 

Using Car Title Loans In Orange County for Financial Relief 

Even though car title loans may not be the most cost effective solutions to financial deficits, sometimes they are the only solution. If the income is limited, a conventional loan may not be possible. So, too, if the credit score has been damaged. Since there is no credit check, it is easier to get these loans. Also, the credit to income ratio is generally less restricted. So, even though you might not qualify for another type of loan, you probably can this one.

When financial setbacks and emergencies happen, it is a comfort to know that you will more than likely qualify for a car title loan. Getting car title loans in Orange County can help individuals be able to afford medical care, take a vacation, or just pay bills during a short time of not being able to work. This can be reassuring for the person who has not been able to accumulate a savings account.

Bernard Jones has written extensively about using car title loans for temporary financial relief. He is well aware of, and has shared, the pros and cons of using them as a financial resource. He is particularly aware of the car title loans in Orange County and the benefits that can be enjoyed from obtaining one, as well as the dangers that can be associated with depending on them for financial security. 

How To Choose A CFD Broker?

Hiring a broker to handle your CFD, or “Contract For Difference”, trading can be extremely beneficial for your financial portfolio. It can also save you from trying to learn how to trade a CFD when you could be doing better things with your valuable time. A professional cfd broker will be able to use their fiscal training to skillfully choose the necessary derivatives based on the closing and opening price of the asset that is being traded in the marketplace. Below are some key factors you can use to choose the right broker for you.

CFD Broker Reliability

Before you look at the CFD broker’s resume and background, examine their character. Are they reliable? Do they promptly call you back when you have a question? Do they keep accurate and professional financial records? The right broker will not only have experience with CFDs but will also have integrity when dealing with their clients. They should also be willing to patiently explain the answers to your questions about trading contracts for differences. It’s important that you trust the broker you are working with in addition to having confidence in their financial competency.

Proven Experience

Next you should consider the broker’s experience and track record with CFDs. Did they recently get licensed and join a brokerage? Or have they been a broker for decades and are highly regarded in their field? Aim for a qualified person who has an academic background in finance and a technical background with CFDs. Their experience will help keep your investments safe while they are navigating the trading floor.

CFD Broker Asset Range

Lastly, ask potential brokers what range of assets they typically handle. One broker may only have experience in stocks, while another broker may only work with commodities. Only hire a broker that has experience trading what you’d like to invest in.

Five Ways to Find Extra Money in Your Day To Day Finances

With so many demands on our finances in these times of economic hardship, it can be difficult to squeeze out any money for luxuries or even to save a little for the future and this in itself can be very disappointing. The good news is that there are ways to save money, be rewarded for regular purchases such as food, toiletries etc or to recoup money where you may not have considered. Here are five ways to find extra money in your day to day finances:

Points rewards cards – There are so many rewards cards available in various different shops and if you are going to buying things anyway, wouldn’t it be nice to get something back? Buying your toiletries in stores where you can collect points can build up enough money quickly to purchase other items. There are even points cards available at some large department stores so you could treat yourself to something fabulous. It might be a good idea to create a new email address to sign up for newsletters and take advantage of any member’s only discounts while preserving your everyday email inbox. Points rewards cards are a great way of rewarding your loyalty so check out if the shops you frequent have a free card scheme and if so, make sure you sign up and don’t forget your card when going out shopping!

Check your bills – It is quite common to get estimates on power that you have used and if you have been paying the estimated bills, you could find that you have paid too much. Make sure that you give your reading regularly and keep on top of your energy usage by investing in an energy monitor where possible. With an energy monitor you can see the levels of power you are using and find ways to reduce it. It can be a great way to reduce your bills and put a bit of money back in your pocket. You can always switch supplier to bring down costs too.

Reclaim PPI – You may have heard the adverts on the radio or seen adverts on the television but there is a great deal of PPI payments still ready for reclaiming so check your old loans and credit cards to see if you paid PPI. PPI can only be reclaimed if it was actually mis-sold in the first place so speak to an advisor to find out if you can reclaim it.

Coupons and Deals – There are several sites online where you can find coupons to get money off all sorts of life’s essentials as well as restaurant meals, beauty treatments and a whole lot of other things so get online and take a look to see if you can find coupons off your favourite brands.

Tax Back? – If you have changed jobs once or twice over the past few years or have had a period of unemployment during the previous two or three years, fluctuating pay may mean that you have paid too much tax. Tax can seem complicated but if you keep good records of your income you should be able to find out how much you have earned and how much tax you have paid and with a little help from the HMRC website you can find out personal allowances and other tax information. If you work in certain roles or travel to various sites using your own vehicle or even public transport for work, you may be able to claim a tax refund so it is well worth looking on sites such as www.riftuk.com to see if you can claim back any money.

The best way to save money is to keep tight control of your finances wherever possible and you may find that there are so many ways to save money and it can actually be a fun task. Be in control of your money and stay financially smart.

Ben Freeman is a freelance writer writing articles on everything ranging from looking after your finances to advice on getting on in the world of technology.

5 Tips to Get Best Mortgage Broker Online

The most challenging part of getting a good mortgage deal is to find out a reliable broker. The task becomes more difficult when you search for a broker online. There are so many frauds in the industry that it is really difficult to trust an agent. Though a large number of them have been weeded out of the industry during the last economic meltdown, it is still wise to practice caution. There are some simple ways to scan the credibility of a broker and deal with the right person. Ask a broker the following 5 questions and you can decide whether the person is worth relying or not.

Can you help me in getting the best interest mortgage loan?

It is important to go with the interest rate that you can afford comfortably. The broker gets commission once you sign up a deal. So, it is not in the best interest of the person to get you the lowest possible rate. That is why you should prioritize the broker who thinks what works in his clients’ favor. The broker must be patient to provide you with the latest updates on mortgage rate that keeps on changing frequently.

How much closing cost will I need to pay?

Lenders and other parties involved in mortgage loan transaction spin quite a goodly sum on processing fees. Your broker is required to inform you about the estimated fee before any deal is finalized. Ask the broker to give every piece of information in writing.

Can you get me any lock on mortgage interest rate?

Mortgage interest rate is very much volatile and keeps on sliding up and down almost day in and day out. You may want to place a lock on the rate if it shows any continuous upward rise. Locking may increase the interest rate by one percent or may keep it fixed. Also inquire if you have to pay any additional fees for locking and the time duration of ‘lock on mortgage’ rate.

How much is the prepayment penalty for mortgage loan?

Prepayment penalty can go up to 1% of what you have received as loan. It will be roughly $3,000 in figure on an average home. You may also pay six months’ interest as prepayment penalty. However, this will be much less than the amount what you pay as per current low rate. It is sometimes possible to avail the lowest mortgage rate if you agree to stringent prepayment penalties. Find out which penalty criteria suits your case and try to optimize benefits on it.

Will the down payment have any impact on the cost of total mortgage?

Your broker may ask you to make down payment 3-5% of mortgage loan. However, paying so little will cost you a heavy sum for bearing the consequent expenses. Majority of the lenders will require you to pay less than 20 percent as down payment for availing private mortgage insurance. It is better if you consider both the plus and minus points of making larger and smaller down payment.

Car Title Loans vs. Auto Title Equity

Individuals who are on tough financial situations and need to obtain USD 1,000 or more should think of using their vehicle as collateral for short term loan for title options. Two of the most prevalent ones are car title loans and auto equity loans. While many use the terms synonymously, it should be remembered that they are very different from each other.

There are a couple of variables that make them distinct, perhaps the most considerable one is the aspect of car ownership. Below is a more extensive look at the details of each loan.

Car Title Loans

To qualify for car title loans, borrowers need to own their vehicle outright. If they are still making monthly instalment payments, then their application will be declined.

Other aspects regarding car title loans are as follows:

  • Individuals who have negative credit rating can still qualify for car title loans.
  • The vehicle that will be used as collateral should be in pristine condition, not more than 10 years old, and has a minimum market value of USD 2,000.
  • The amount that will be released will be decided by the projected ability of borrowers to send over payments on a timely basis and the vehicle’s overall market value.
  • Borrowers can still use their vehicle as long as they send their payment on agreed dates.

Auto Equity Loans

Auto equity loans are for individuals who want to acquire loans but are still in the process of paying of their vehicle. It should be noted that the legal owner of the vehicle is the credit union or the bank that financed the purchase. Regardless of this stipulation, individuals who are still paying their monthly instalment can apply for auto equity loans.

In general, the minimum amount of equity varies from one lender to another, but borrowers are usually allowed to get a loan amount of 50 percent of their equity. This means to obtain a USD 1,000 loan, borrowers need to have USD 2,000 worth of equity.


As explained in this article, in terms of conditions and qualifications, car title loans and auto equity loans are basically the same. The aspects that borrowers need to be aware of are vehicle ownership and approval rates.

Those who are still not sure what kind of loan will they obtain are advised to ask the personnel of lending companies to know the general guidelines so that they can decide if they will move forward or not.

The Five Best Ways to Find Coupons

You know that couponing is a great way to save money at the store. But do you know the best places to find coupons? Hint: It’s not enough to check the newspaper every Sunday morning.

To truly earn the best deals with coupons, you need to have a wide variety of sources at your disposal. Your savings will more than equal out the time and effort it takes to track down these deal-makers.

Here’s how to ensure that you get the most coupons that you can for your next shopping trip.

Appeal to Your Family

Say you have a baby in diapers and your sister has a rat control problem. You can swap coupons with her, saving the pest-related money-savers that you find and sending them to her so she can get electronic rat traps in exchange for her diaper vouchers.

Different papers have different coupons. If you have family in another city or state, ask them to send you their coupon flyers (assuming they don’t use them). You could find some real winners that you wouldn’t have already seen.

Sign Up for Mobile Deals

You probably already subscribe to a few email couponing newsletters. But did you know that you can also sign up for deals that go straight to your cell phone?

There are mobile couponing apps, but you can also get coupons sent straight from the manufacturer or company if you download their apps. A local movie theater, for instance, may use the app to distribute a $3 off coupon for popcorn.


Don’t just toss your receipt from the grocery store after you’ve noted how much you spent during your visit. Turn that receipt over and you’ll find a coupon treasure trove. Many local businesses advertise on the back of these supermarket print-outs, which many customers unwittingly throw away.

Phone Books

Yes, even in the age of electronic everything, you probably still have a phone book in your house. And it could include some pretty sweet deals. A lot of companies include coupons in their listings to try to entice new customers, who may be learning about the business for the first time by looking up a general section in the book (say, restaurants).

Directly Through Companies

Have you ever gone to a company’s web site and filled out a request for a free sample? Chances are when that small sample arrived, it came with a coupon of some type to entice you to buy a full-size version of whatever’s being peddled.

You can also often find coupons on the company’s site itself. You may need to sign up for a free e-newsletter, but if you’re a smart couponer you already have an email address devoted to your couponing, and it won’t be a big deal to sign up.

Michael is a full-time blogger who has passions in all corners of the online world. In his down time he enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and blogging on everything from technology, to business, to marketing, and beyond.

How to Avoid Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is the forlorn hope when you fail to escape financial woes with the help of other options available. Your dues are accumulating and the creditors are chasing you just like a dog is after a thief. Getting immediate relief is your priority and you feel there is no better option than bankruptcy filing to serve your purpose. But before you arrange your dossiers and do the necessary paperwork, just throw a glance as to how you can avoid bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy filing – Why you should avoid it?

Bankruptcy is not a magic wand to dissipate all of your problems within seconds. Avoiding bankruptcy may be tough in your case but not impossible if you put into diligent effort. And when you avert it, you save your time and the remnants of your credit history.

how to Avoid Bankruptcy

Your inability to meet the outstanding dues has caused nosedive of your credit rank. However, whatever status it is in, you can always restore it to the previous standing (which was quite good, I presume). It may not take off immediately, but constant effort will create a positive impact on your credit report. By filing bankruptcy, you just stub out the chance of making any improvement in your credit record; instead it causes the score to plummet 200-250 points. It is a blot in the copybook and will remain so for – at least – 8-10 years, thereby hampering transaction that will be made during this period. So, it always makes sense to try hard so that you don’t have to resort to this final step.

Ways to avoid bankruptcy

At this moment, you may feel powerless to control your debt issues and overall finance management. In your case, it is a common psychological phenomenon. However, you can gradually control over your debt problems if you try so. The first thing to do so is to keep everything in organized order.

Categorize your debts under suitable sections, such as credit card debt, good debt, revolving debt and so on. It is better if you maintain a spreadsheet wherein you can input the data. Create some meaningful heads like the creditor’s name, how much you owe to him, contact information, interest rate and minimum payment.

The next big step is to contact the creditors one by one. You must seek for their cooperation to successfully bypass bankruptcy. Be frank with them and ask if they can make any reduction in the interest rate and total balance. If you are exempted from making a few payments, it will show up in your credit report as ‘failure to pay off’. If you inform them regarding your plan to pay off and avoid bankruptcy, they will likely to cooperate with you in every possible way.

You can consider about debt consolidation or debt deferment. The first one is a permanent solution whereas the second one serves as temporary tool for financial relief. Last but not the least, arrange your bills in descending order according to interest rate. Clear the bills which come with higher interest tag.